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Passatelli 1962

recipes that evoke local traditions

Romagna’s cuisine is the expression of the character, identity, and cultural roots of an entire community. Simple recipes, in which good quality ingredients intertwined with traditions create full and decisive flavours combining typical farming and fishing costumes.

A journey through flavours

From the beaches on the Adriatic coast to the hinterland, through the countryside dotted with farms, hills covered in vineyards, olive groves, fruits trees and fragrant woodlands that bear delicious gifts. Some traditional recipes have become iconic and are popular wherever you go in Romagna, uniting the region in the name of good local cuisine and we have collected them for you in this section.

The recipes

A stample food of the people of Romagna,…
For sundays and special occasions to be enjoyed…
A recipe as old as Romagna, enjoyed in…
A symbol of tradition, it’s the true passion…




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