Piadina romagnola

Since thousand of years the “piadina” has been renowned as a poor food, a sort of bred without yeast that had to be eaten very warm. It became the providential substitute of bread,  when the latter was running out of stock (the cooking was only made even  7/14 days).

 it might be grilled and thus it’s made from a mixture of chestnut flour, added with fat beef meat, or cooked on the stove, and hence got from a mix of single white flours and others like corn, spelt, barley, oats, peanuts ….

After world war ii the “piadina” reached a consolidated shape , flavor, and richness, becoming a typical Romagna special food, whose  exact name was  “piada”, and “pie’” in the local dialect.


The recipe, which has established itself as quintessential over the last decades, is made by the following ingredients: white flour, salt, bicarbonate, melted animal oil, water and, in a few cases, milk. In order to obtain the pasta balls, the so-called “panett”, the ingredients are mixed altogheter on the wooden board and then they need to rest half an hour, covered by a towel. Later on, the single balls are shortly reworked, in order to obtain dishes of 15 cm in diameter and 3 mm thick.

But there is still another ingredient, the most important one, “human touch”, that only a good woman or “piadarola” knows how to express: the art of handwork, a mix of skillful touch and sensitive movement, warmly soft and strongly fast.


The piada should be tasted hot, even risking to burn your fingers, because if it cools down the digestion might be slower and may not be match perfectly with other food that normally is stuffed in between or just apposed to enrich its essence. the taste will not be the same in case of rewarming it.

In every city of the Romagna the name changes: (pieda, pie’, pida, piada, piadina etc) and moving just few km from one village or city to another one, the shape, the thickness, even the taste changes.



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