The ‘pasadên’ or ‘passatini’ are a delicious soup typical of Romagna region, as well as the tool used to crush dough and to obtain it: the ‘passatelli iron’ (called e fèr di pasadéin in the local dialect) is a slightly convex disc with holes, provided with two handles on top, made to be able to press stronglier and make it ‘pass’ out of the holes the characteristic ‘bigoli’ … or passatelli.

To get them you need to knead the breadcrumbs made from old bread and the eggs on the cutting board to have a fairly hard dough.

Press the mixture through the holes of the special tool called iron or gradually put in the potato masher to form a kind of big spaghetti (about 4-5 cm). Let the passatelli rest for 10 minutes and throw them in the boiling broth and, when they are afloat because cooked, pour them into a bowl with plenty of Parmigiano Reggiano.

In the past, the Passatellis were prepared only to celebrate Easter or other celebrations such as the Confirmation of children.



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