We offer a carefully selected and researched list of approx. 300 wines, including 150 labels from Romagna region. We have chosen to give more importance to our local wines because they are perfectly combined with local dishes. For having a didactic aim, Romagna wines are subdivided by areas of production, in order to underline the peculiarities of our territory; we find the small and not well-known wineries, having a wide range of organic, artisanal, biodynamic wines and the so-called ‘slow wines’.


All wines can be served by the glass. The organic bulk wine from a small producer is served in the flask. We serve Sangiovese and Trebbiano “Passatelli 1962”, a light and free-range wine from the Romagna hills, but excellent to be drunk. We have a wide selection of sweet wines and passitos and a relevant selection of italian sparkling wines and some important champagnes.

Carta Canta is a project of the wineshop “Enoteca Regionale dell’Emilia-Romagna” born to enhance our wines, highlighting all the winebars and restaurants that offer a reach local wines list combined with a gastronomic experience “farm-to-table”. 

In 2019 the Osteria Passatelli 1962 won the “Carta Canta Award” for an innovative and reach wine list. In addition, our restaurant received by the “Enoteca Regionale dell’Emilia–Romagna” the title of “Wine Ambassador of Emilia-Romagna region“.

Our drinks list has approx. ten italian and foreign craft beers, among them the belgian blonde “Maes Pils“.

The “Passatelli 62” liqueurs aim to remember the ancient distillates and the vigorous natural spirit, following the original recipes handed down from generation to generation. The quality of raw materials, the ancient manufacturing processes and the patient infusions allow us to offer you the wonderful flavors of our nature.

In addition you will find a wide selection of traditional Italian spirits and distillates, whiskeys from the most awarded distilleries of Scotland and several rums: aromatic and exotic according to the French style, fine and elegant English style, sweet and balsamic in classic Spanish style.

It is possible to take away the unfinished and paid bottles.

You can buy wines from our wineshop getting a 20% discount on the price list.

At our restaurant you can drink moderately some top-quality products discovering the pleasure of conviviality.



We are in via Ponte Marino, 19 in Ravenna.

Ph. +39 0544 215206

We are open every day from 12 AM to 3 PM and from 7 to 11 PM

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